Mardi Gras

So when I said I was new at this blogging thing, and didn’t love it, you might not have believed me. A few months later, I return to my blog.

Fear not…I’ve been baking all along, I just forget to take pictures, I don’t have a fancy camera; I haven’t found the time to re-type all my recipes that I try; and I haven’t decided what I want my blog to really be like. You see, I just like to make delicious food.

I knew yesterday was Mardi Gras a.k.a. Fat Tuesday. And I knew that it came about as people used to bake lots of great food and try to use up their resources at a feast before their fasts during Lent. I wasn’t trying to use all my resources (although I did need to use that pie crust. You can’t just stare at it and not imagine all the delicious things it could hold!) and I didn’t feel like making the traditional king cake or anything purple, green, or gold. No, no, I had a craving.

Apple pie. (We’ll work on that crust prettiness later. I’m working for flavor and texture right now).

Why, I had this craving I’m not sure. But that’s all I could think about when I looked at that crust. So I did my usual research for apple pie recipes and landed on one from one of my favorite bloggers, Joy the Baker.

Check out that steam. I cheated and cut it wayyy too soon. But the smells you just couldn’t resist.

This recipe was one of the first things she learned to bake and it was with her father. I liked the story and it had a completely different process than many other recipes. Note: I didn’t use Joy’s crust recipe since I had some leftovers already (I’ve been trying Julia Child’s, love her baking cookbook) and I used only Granny Smith apples because that’s all I had.

So worth it. Really, nothing to see here. I had to recline after that.

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